Fire Curtain

MDFS1 Fire Curtain:
The MDFS1 Fireblind is an electrically operated fire curtain designed for it’s fire resistant qualities. The curtains are used as part of a smoke, heat exhaust and ventilation system (shevs) designed to save lives. The mechanical structure of the unit is such that the guides and weighted bottom rail allow smooth and accurate downward movement designed to seal and retain fire and smoke. MDFS fire curtains are designed to retain fire temperatures up to and not to exceed 1200°C which complies and is in accordance with BS7346 Part 22 1987 and BSEN 12101 as tested by Bodycote warringtonfire under report reference WF No153822.

• Compact head box
• Large spans available
• Sealed to prevent passage of lateral smoke
• Total power failure gravity failsafe with controlled decent
• 24v operation with battery back-up

Curtain fabric
The MDFS 120+ fabric is a woven glass fibre fabric, reinforced with stainless steel wire and coated on both sides with a specially formulated micronised aluminium polymer, which provides an effective heat reflective surface as well as other properties required for material used in the manufacture of smoke and fire curtains MDFS 120+ fabric complies fully with the requirements of BS7346 part 3 1990

Bottom Rail
A (T) section bottom rail is attached to the curtain to assist downwards movement which will also stop at ceiling level for aesthetic value

The curtain fabric coils onto a tubular 70mm barrel mounted on endplate bearings

Coil Casing
The barrel and curtain are housed in a 1.2mm thick galvanised head box

Fire curtains require guides to provide a seal between the fabric and building structure. The nature of a fire causes pressures to act on the curtain fabric that could dislodge the fabric from the guides. MDFS1 fire curtains incorporate a unique retaining system to prevent this occurrence.

The coil casing, bottom rail and guides are galvanised as standard. Alternatively, they can be polyester powder coated for visual effect

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Fire/Smoke Curtain Control Panel

Panel MFS100:
The MFS100 controller is simple to use, with LCD screen instructions to guide you through programming set up. The battery/dc panel operates Marian Engineering four/seven & eight-wire motors. The panel will function via radio remote control, rotary key switch or a three pushbutton station; Open, Stop and Close. The compact design dimensions of 255 x 200 x 100mm provide minimum intrusion for installation.

The MFS100 controller is a high-quality product with many features and advantages to the following specification for use with fire/smoke curtains

• four/seven & eight motor – to operate Marian motors
• 24v plug top charger
• Universal controller for many applications
• Easy handling and multiple features
• Solar charging option
• Easy to connect
• Automatic detection of end limits
• Integrated radio receiver
• 24v battery back-up in event of mains failure
• Alarm input
• Group control facility (Up to 32 panels in total)
• Status relays
• Universal motor connections
• User selectable auto close timer after a user definable time
• User selectable auto close timer after battery is detected low
• User selectable auto close timer after mains failure detection

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